How To Motivate Yourself To Work Out: 2 Simple Tips

Working out is a complicated emotional process. We’re not just talking about laymen like you and I; even top athletes face those zero-motivation days. The ones where the prospect of getting up, changing, getting out the door and starting your 15th day of marathon training doesn’t quite measure up to that of getting an extra hour of sleep.

Finding myself travelling with one of the best triathletes in the world, Chris McCormack, I took the chance to reach into his psyche. He noted: in the world of competition, it’s really about the drive to win that pushes a person to wake up early each day to train his or her guts out. So how exactly do the elites motivate themselves to compete and excel all the way up to the global stage?


Tips To Motivate Yourself To Work Out - Every Second Counts

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After speaking to multiple trainers, friends and army personnel, I’ve come to realise that finding that motivation boils down to telling yourself two things.


No Regrets

Ask yourself one simple question: after any workout, have I ever regretted it?  The answer is, and will always be, no. It’s scientifically proven: post exercise, endorphins are flowing and working to make you happier. Now factor in the sense of accomplishment that accompanies finishing a good exercise session. In short? Just go for your workout – you won’t regret it.


Ten minutes beats zero minutes

To get yourself off your couch/bed, tell yourself that any exercise is better than none. It’s completely okay to ‘just do’ ten minutes today. Tomorrow, you can do eleven. Keep this up and within a month’s time, you’ll be running for 40 mins if you increase your efforts by a minute per day. Keep in mind that our bodies warm up after a ten-minute session; in all likelihood, you’ll be comfortable extending your workout time. Plus either way, ten minutes of exercise does you a whole lot more good than ten minutes of Netflix-ing.


So for every person out there who’s finding it hard to muster up the will to go for your workout, remember these two golden tips to psyching yourself up. You’ll be out that door in no time.


Article contributed by Adrian Chai.


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