Article contributed by: Jennifer Dawson.Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash.

Three of the four top causes of death in the United States are directly tied to a lack of exercise and poor diet. Busy lifestyles, whether in the office or elsewhere, have made free time for exercise more limited than ever. But fitness routines that accommodate these lifestyles are available, and the changes are often simple. Short, intense workouts can be a big help for fat burning. But incorporating exercise into your daily routine may have the biggest impact.


1. Small, Long Form Changes Are The Most Important

Studies show that there is a much larger improvement to your health if you change from a sedentary lifestyle with too much sitting to an active one with standing and walking than there is going from an active lifestyle to one that is exercise intensive. So, if you don’t have much time to exercise during the day, we strongly recommend including simple changes to your daily routine. Take the stairs at work, walk around the office, or grab a wireless microphone and avoid sitting down.


2. Those Extreme TV Workouts Do Work, But They’re Misleading

Short, intense workout routines have the same effect as thirty minute or longer workouts when it comes to burning calories and fat. They do not significantly improve your heart, lungs, or cardiovascular system the way walking or jogging do though. That said, if your main desire is to burn some unnecessary fat or build muscle, studies suggest that even a two-minute intense workout in an hour can have the same effect as a full exercise routine if you raise your heart rate to 70% of its maximum.


3. Consider How To Make Activity More Fun

The biggest problem psychologists have pointed out is that people consider exercising work. It shouldn’t surprise you then to hear that studies suggest that people are more likely to stick to their activities if they integrate them into some sort of fun. Mothers and fathers who began walking around parks or hiking with their children, for example, were more likely to stick to these activities on a weekly basis because they were considered a pastime instead of a chore.

There are ten exercise routines that can be done in the office using tables, chairs, and whatever’s on hand. But the only way to stay fit that’s better than incorporating your chair is to stay out of your chair entirely when it’s possible. Walking, jogging, and basic aerobic exercises will help your circulation. Intense workouts like CrossFit can burn fat if you can manage the extreme pace. But it’s incorporating a balance of these things into your life in a healthy way that makes it stick.


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