Article contributed by: Jennifer Dawson. Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash.

Getting fit means looking after yourself in all ways. From eating “good” food to getting healthy amounts of exercise, the science behind healthy living shows that treating your body with a little bit of purity is the best way to get yourself feeling – and looking – better than you have before. Mentally, physically and emotionally! But do remember that our habits affect the planet as well, and in turn comes back around to us. The use of non-organic, unsustainable materials can mean up to bad air quality that persists for up to 15 days every month.

So you already know that eating properly will boost your health. You also know that certain exercises and routines will, too. Take your workout and overall fitness regime to the next level and help the planet stay healthy by following these three key trends.


1. Organic Grooming Products

Grooming products have historically been a bit of an issue for the planet – and you. The mass inclusion of chemicals, parabens, sulfates and other non-natural constituent parts mean that the fragranced and cleansing products do more harm than good. This hasn’t gone unnoticed, and home-grown beauty across South Asia have succeeded in carving out an area of the market. The grooming industry’s link with organic and natural produce has extended even further, withdeodorants made from all natural ingredients growing alongside organic coffee-based scrubs and haircare.

Keeping your grooming habits organic will help with your physiology, too. Take microbeads, for example – commonly used in sports branded exfoliating scrubs, designed to prevent the buildup of workout-related sweat and bacteria. Whilst now banned in countries across the world, they’re mistaken for food by fish, ultimately ending up in the human food system.


2. Pick Clean Clothing and Textiles

Many sports and fitness brands use hydrocarbon-based textiles that have a harmful impact on the world. Older materials in particular have these compounds in them, used to help wick sweat away from the body and make workouts more comfortable.

They can be harmful for you, however, with science showing the breakdown of oil-based textiles can release carcinogenic chemicals into the system, especially with sweat-wicking systems. To counter this, countries like India areproducing organic textiles across South Asia to give a respectable option to other nations on using textiles that are environmentally friendly, healthy and versatile. It sounds space-age, but good quality sports equipment made from organic plant based textiles are a reality.

You should also limit the amount of detergent you’re using to wash your clothes. Often, a simple hot-wash or extended eco-cycle without the temperature is enough, without dirtying the environment.


3. Using The Power of the Sun

For those who partake in jogging during the day, you could be benefiting your pocket – and the planet. Many runners use wristbands and armbands to hold their technology while they work out. Did you know that you can implement solar panels onto these surfaces? The advantage of this is that you can power your devices for free using battery packs, and do the planet a favor by reducing your reliance on the energy grid, often powered by fossil fuels.


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