Don’t sleep on tracking your sleep. We’re used to the idea of tracking our how our body is faring when we’re awake and kicking ass, as well as the downtime in periods of rest. Yet, how many of us actually know how well we’re managing in something we all do for hours every single day? That’s right: you need to find out if you’re getting quality sleep, and how to adjust for it if you’re not!

Don’t take for granted the difference proper and adequate sleep can do for you, especially not when it’s been proven that it helps you achieve your peak overall body conditioning and performance. Keeping track of our sleep and improving it are difficult, if not impossible tasks to do (probably because we’re not awake for it) so here’s a range of electronic buddies to help do it for you!


1. Fitbit Ionic

Don't Sleep on Tracking Your Sleep with Fitbit Ionic

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Fitbit is a familiar and trusted brand in the fitness world, and rightfully so given the products they push out, and one of the latest is the Ionic smartwatch that accurately tracks both your fitness and sleep. By giving you detailed breakdowns of your sleeping patterns via analysis of data such as your heart rate and movement in bed, it allows you review them on its sizable touchscreen.

What’s more, you can tap into Fitbit’s sleep database and gain some Sleep Insights to learn more about your sleep statistics in comparison to others around the world, as well as getting relevant tips on improving your sleep quality including your nightly routine before bed.

Its lightweight design ensures that you hardly notice it even in bed, and boasting a 4-day battery life means there’s less hassle of constantly taking it off to charge.

Buy it here from $249.95.


2. Fitbit Alta HR

Don't Sleep on Tracking Your Sleep with Fitbit Alta HR

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If you’re hankering for something smaller and more affordable, look towards the Alta HR. Don’t be fooled by its size as it keeps up with its bigger cousins with regard to sleep tracking. Expect data on your light, deep, and REM sleep stages, helpful sleep routine reminders as well as coaching tips for your sleep! Coaching isn’t just for the wakeful anymore.
Vibrating alerts are also a feature that helps you to stick to an established sleeping schedule. The display screen is also customizable to show you the clock, your heart rate or steps taken for the day. The Alta HR has a monstrous 7-day battery life, perfect for strapping on for the week without worry.

Buy it here from $119.95.


3. Withings Activité

Don't Sleep on Tracking Your Sleep with Withings Activite

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For those who want to stay true to the conventional watch, this is the perfect accessory for you. Besides looking fashionable, the Activité lets you keep a log of your steps taken, your distance covered, total calories burned and more. Sleep-wise it is simple and effective, automatically detecting when you are asleep and keeping track of your sleep cycles, total sleep duration, and any interruptions throughout the night.

Pairing it with the Health Mate app allows you to set an alarm that wakes you up with a gentle vibration in the morning. If you’re adverse to keeping your accessories charged, its 8-month battery life should be right up your alley.

Buy it here from $279.99.


4. Emfit QS

Don't Sleep on Tracking Your Sleep with EMFit QS

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There’s nothing to wear with the Emfit QS. Instead, a measuring strip is tucked underneath your mattress that tracks your sleep by monitoring your movements and heart rate through its sensors. Marketed towards athletes, it keeps track of extra data that other trackers do not, some of which include comprehensive reports about heart rate variability, physical recovery, and recovery efficiency.

It does all this and more automatically, so it’s as simple as setting it up once and you’re done. The data is uploaded to a web app that you can check on either your computer or phone. The amount of data it provides can be daunting, but after you get the hang of it you can develop a better understanding of your training routines and their impact on your sleep.

Buy it here from $279.


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