5 Meal Prep Brands For Fuss-Free, Nutritious Meals

You’ve managed to carve out an hour or two each day for working out, further squeezing an increasingly scarce and precious resource: time. You’ve heard about meal planning as a great complement to keeping fit and a healthier lifestyle, but there’s hardly any time for that!

No need to despair: until you got things sorted out, we’ve got you covered with a list of meal prep companies to do it for you. From delivery to vital nutrition information down to a T, there’s always a convenient and fuss-free option to help keep your body fed.


  1. Fitness Ration

Their take on meal preparation is allowing you flexibility in choosing when and what to eat, long after they’ve gotten the food to you.  Capable of being stored for a month, Fitness Ration meals range from breakfast sets, conventional active meals to add-ons for those looking for some extra calories and macronutrients.

Starting from $7.50 for breakfast and $10.40 for active meals, they provide a breakdown of the calories and macro count for each of their options. Furthermore, they include the fibre, sodium, and sugar to be found in each meal – a great heads-up for those of you wanting tighter control over your diet, or have dietary restrictions that need to be properly monitored.

Delivery charge is set at $15 for orders under $99, with an additional $10 surcharge for Sentosa addresses. They only deliver on Tue/Wed/Sat/Sun.

See what they have to offer and if you want, place your order here!


  1. Spinacas

Serving salads and bentos up to your doorstep, Spinacas aims to provide you with options that are both nutritious and hearty. Starting with a base of healthy greens, their meals come with a mouth-watering serving of protein that will be sure to satisfy you! For those who can’t do away with carbs, the bento sets look more than ample enough to fill you up.

Starting from $9 for salads and $11 for bentos, they also have a variety of add-ons to spice up your meals. Each meal on their site contains their calories and macro count, as well as a list of ingredients used. They even include the nutritional information of the dressing provided (packed separately)!

While they have a minimum order of $25, their charge for delivery starts from as low as $2! They’re open to leaving your meals at your specified drop-off spots for your convenience as well.

Check out their salads and bentos to order directly.


  1. Grain

They come with some unique selling points, such as a membership that gives you unlimited free delivery, savings of up to 25%, and exclusive offers from them. The other is free for everyone in the form of a reward system, providing discounts off your next order after a set number of meals with them.

Starting from $9, the folks at Grain give you something exciting and new to look forward to with a changing/rotating weekly menu. Not content with full and proper meals, they offer some delectable desserts in their add-ons – perfect as a reward or little treat!  Calories, macro count, and a comprehensive ingredient list accompany each dish’s description.

Delivery fees range from $2 to $5 and they deliver 11AM – 2PM, Monday to Friday. There’s also the option of picking up your own meals to save on the fee!


  1. Primal Meal Prep

At Primal Meal Prep, they empower you to better take charge of your health:  each step of their process is in recognition that meals and requirements are not universal and thus, customisation is key. They ensure that every ingredient is properly accounted for and meticulously weighed. They house a macro calculator to help you figure out your exact requirements to go alongside a very customisable meal-planning list, where you get to decide on the weight of your servings.

With an extremely flexible and versatile ordering list, prices can start low and go up high so it’s up to you to play around and find a comfortable balance! By including the ability to copy your meals over to other days (and change them on the fly!),

They deliver from 10AM-1PM and 7PM-10PM with different fees: $5.90 for orders below $100, $3.90 for those between $100-$149.99, and free delivery otherwise.


  1. FitThree

Boasting a menu that changes by the week, they’ve a wide variety of meals ranging from low-carb to vegetarian. FitThree makes sure that you’re spoilt for choice with different offerings when it comes to lunch and dinner as well!

Starting from $12.90, you have a choice of standard or XL portions with the option of adding a small breakfast or a staple meal (charged separately)! The calories and macro counts for each meal are clearly displayed with the full list of ingredients right underneath.

Their delivery service comes with a serving of motivation for your morning workouts: your food will be dropped off at select gyms, yoga studios, CrossFit locations and so on! Picking it up from these spots will be free of charge. Otherwise, a delivery fee of $6.90 applies for either Mon or Thu, and $10.90 for both days.

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