The Best 30-min HIIT Classes Because There's Never Enough Time

Everyone knows about HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training. Heck, at this point even my grandmother knows what it is. Let’s refresh: doing HIIT involves alternating between intense bursts of activity and brief periods of rest. Benefits include improved fat burning and metabolism, along with an increase in cardiovascular strength.

And the biggest ‘pro’? You complete a HIIT workout in much less time than a regular one. Great if you’re the type that isn’t easily motivated to hit the gym, or if you have a million other things going on in your life. Either way, we’ve got your back – a busy schedule won’t get in the way again with the following workout classes.



True to its name, 45-minute workouts at SURFSET are done while perched on a custom-made (and unstable) surfboard to activate your core. Combine elements of balance and core training with aerobic fat burning to build lean muscles and push your limits! SURFSET is located in the east at Joo Chiat Road.

The Best 30-min HIIT Classes Because We're All Short On Time

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2. TripleFit

From ski machines to battle ropes and monkey bars, TripleFit at Millenia Walk has all the coolest equipment in town and more. Plus, no workout is ever the same: variety, power and accelerated efficiency are the mantras of their certified coaches.

TripleFit’s HIIT sessions are designed around bodyweight, weights and cardio exercises, all carefully tailored to keep your body guessing and your heart pumping. Classes run from as early as 6.45am to 10pm on the weekdays to suit your schedule, so hey – no excuses.

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3. Higher Ground Fitness

Here’s a fitness studio on East Coast Road that touts itself as ‘fun, friendly and unpretentious’; a place for people from all walks of life to get together and get fit. They offer classes ranging from HIIT to Power Plate Whole Body Vibration Training (“WBVT”) and  TRX Suspension Training. Sessions run from 30-40mins and are catered for a variety of fitness levels, from absolute beginner to full throttle.

The Best 30-min HIIT Classes Because We're All Short On Time

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4. Ritual

‘The gym for busy people’. Ritual is conveniently located at Raffles Place, Holland Village and Robinson Road. They run small group HIIT classes at regular intervals all day long, with everything provided – from towels, clothes and grooming products, to a cool shock-absorbent floor that allows you to train barefoot. No more forgoing your workout because you left your gym bag at home!

Ritual believes in individualised, high-quality sessions. Think four levels of progression so workouts are fully tailored to your fitness level and programs that are adjusted daily. ‘No treadmills, no scales, no nonsense. Just results.’

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5. Fitness Bravo

Fitness Bravo believes that ‘if it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you’. Recently relocated to Bugis, their workouts are fast-paced, collaborative and intense – designed to make you sweat and breathe hard.

The coolest thing? Fitness Bravo specialises in 1-on-1 personal training, where their trainers and coaches are fully dedicated to educate, guide, motivate and advise you.

The Best 30-min HIIT Classes Because We're All Short On Time

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6. Field Assembly 

At Field Assembly, take heart in finding fast friends during the gruelling sessions that the coaches concoct specifically just for you. Each session sees a coach to every four people, and with a rotating cast of trainers the workouts may vary each day depending on the trainer.

Find them at Carpenter Street, and know that they tend to change up their 45-minute HIIT circuits every few weeks – be prepared to adapt to the field and bring your A game for every class!

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7. F45 Training 

The concept is hidden in their name: 45-minutes of functional, high-intensity interval circuit training. With multiple locations across the central and east regions of the island, it’s hard to come up with an excuse not to spare them 45-minutes of your time.

Blending interval, cardiovascular and strength training together to burn fat and build lean muscle, they have come up with not 1, not 5, but 31 different workouts to choose from! From Hollywood stunts to the resistance based Renegade circuits, there is always something fresh for you.

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8. oompf! fitness 

Promoting a holistic and systematic approach, each of oompf!’s 45-minute classes aims to develop you ‘across 3 pillars of fitness – Might, Mobility and Mind.’ Tucked away in East Coast Road, they incorporate loaded movement exercises which bring together task-oriented movements with resistance training into their workouts.

Looking to cater for different goals, they offer aptly-named workouts that target different parts of your body: from a total body experience in Oompf! IT, Waisted that builds up your core, to Glute camp for everything down below. Have a look at their range of classes to find one that suits your needs.

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