CARROT Hunger: A Sarcastic, Trash-talking Dieting App

Introducing CARROT Hunger: a benevolent A.I. construct who wants nothing more than to promote healthy living to humanity.

As least, that’s what she (he? it? let’s just go with she) claims. Except things get weird right from the start, with CARROT’s demands to know when you got “pushed screaming out of your mother’s womb”…


CARROT Hunger on initial launch: A Sarcastic, Trash-talking Dieting App
In case you’re wondering, CARROT scoffs: “Error! My sensors show that you’re not cute enough to be a squirrel”.


In essence, the app is a no-frills calorie tracker. CARROT logs your food intake and warns you when you’re about to go over your daily calorie limit. The difference is really in how she does it – I’m not sure where CARROT gets her definition of “benevolent” from, but “snarky” and “sadistic” seem to hit closer to home.

“I’ve watched your kind indiscriminately stuff your chubby faces for far too long,” warns CARROT. Trust her on this one. She’ll threaten, insult and bully you into leaving that last slice of cheese pizza alone. She’ll scold you when you get too near your fridge. And she’s completely transparent about how the app makes its money: when you go over your calorie limit, you can cough up a small sum to negate the failure of your goal – or suffer the wrath of a mountain of ads as punishment.


CARROT Hunger calorie tracking: A Sarcastic, Trash-talking Dieting App


While it’s far from the most comprehensive dieting app out there, CARROT’s definitely the most entertaining one in the market. Her borderline abusive – and usually wickedly funny – comments motivate an inexplicable need to impress her. They also take some of the guilty sting out of that Starbucks Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappucino (alternatives, anyone?)

Try pairing with CARROT Fit, the series’ sister app designed to help you reach your fitness goals. Disclaimer: also probably not for you if you’re easily offended.


Download CARROT Hunger for free on iOS. Android users, you’re out of luck 🙁


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