Eat Fresh At These Unique Farm-To-Table Restaurants In Singapore

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Good food is a staple of modern living; by now, everyone knows that a diet of fast food and sugar isn’t the best for your health. For those looking for the fresh ingredients and innovative meals, here are some restaurants right in sunny Singapore that serve up dishes using only the best produce from their own orchards and gardens.


1. Vineyard

Farm To Table Restaurants Vineyard

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Ensconced in the greenery of HortPark, Vineyard is a French-Italian restaurant that observes a “garden-to-table” practice, with herbs and vegetables grown in their own edible garden. In addition, they source their quail, frog leg, and fish from local farms. With their incredibly short farm-to-table journey, Vineyard promises incredibly fresh dishes that do not compromise on nutrients and taste.

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Reservations: +65 6479 7977


2. The Summerhouse

Eat Fresh At These Unique Farm-To-Table Restaurants In Singapore

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The Summerhouse labels itself as a ‘humble garden and farming collective’: a lovely, secluded space located at Park Lane. It boasts a dining room and balcony bar on the upper storey along with WildSeed, a café, patisserie and bar, on the ground level. Food here is made using the freshest ingredients sourced from their very own gardens. Enjoy a long, leisurely lunch and a stroll in their sprawling greens after – you can even leave with a bouquet of seasonal blooms from Poppy Flora Studio after. Perfectly fresh, of course!

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Reservations: +65 6262 1063


3. Artichoke

Farm To Table Restaurants Artichoke

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Located between the junction of Middle Road and Waterloo Street, Artichoke is a contemporary middle eastern restaurant that maintains their own herb and vegetable garden. Upon harvesting, the remaining leaves and branches are used for smoking meats, and the ashes are used to fertilise the garden.

With their eggs and fish also sourced from local farms, Artichoke’s use of sustainable ingredients which reduce carbon footprint guarantees a feel-good, taste-good dining experience.

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Reservations: +65 6336 6949


4. Bollywood Veggies

Eat Fresh At These Unique Farm-To-Table Restaurants In Singapore

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Get acquainted with the lovely Kranji countryside at Bollywood Veggies, a farm that first opened its doors in 2000. One of the pioneers of the farm-to-table concept in Singapore, Bollywood Veggies champions the protecting of nature and believes in hiring challenged and marginalised people. And their food? Healthy, hearty and delicious local fare – there’s a no MSG and low-salt cooking policy here.

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Reservations: +65 6898 5001


5. Open Door Policy

Eat Fresh At These Unique Farm-To-Table Restaurants In Singapore

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Open Door Policy (ODP) imagines indoor farming to be the future. They harvest fresh produce daily for their contemporary dishes; food that’s ‘good for the soul, the digestive system, and the planet.’ In line with this, all their menus are 100% dairy and gluten-free. Pop by Yong Siak Street for some rustic comfort food and discover how healthy eating doesn’t have to be boring and flat.

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Reservations: +65 6221 9307


6. Rumah Rasa

Image Credit: Rumah Rasa

Located at Bay Hotel, Rumah Rasa is a halal Indonesian restaurant with a heavy emphasis on sustainable dining. Their dishes use herbs and spices like kaffir lime and pandan leaves from their own edible garden, making this the first Indonesian restaurant in Singapore to adopt the concept. This is going to be one of your favorite MSG-free dining places.

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Reservations: +65 6818 6681


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