Dog friendly exercise routines

Article contributed by: Jennifer Dawson. Photo by lucas clarysse on Unsplash.

Dogs are the best workout partners. They never cancel on you, and they never complain about the walking route you choose…in fact, they’re ecstatic just being with you! What’s more, dog owners have been proven to be 34% more likely to succeed with their fitness goals! This could be because dog owners walk for around 300 minutes every week, while people without dogs only walk for around 168 minutes.

So your dog can motivate you and help you to work out more – but that isn’t all. The outdoors also provides a free workout space that doesn’t cost anything to use, so the work out will be cheaper than a gym workout. Of course, you already know that you can walk together, but here are three other ways you can include your pup in your workout routine.


Go for a bike ride

If your dog is extremely active and energetic you could try cycling with them. Cycling is a great cardio work out for humans that helps with muscle definition, and it can help keep your immune system young and healthy. Biking is also ideal for dogs with lots of energy as you can keep up with them as they run, and you will both get a great work out!


Create a pup-friendly boot camp routine

You could also try creating a pup-friendly boot camp routine where you do exercises while holding a toy. You could play fetch and do crunches while your dog runs, or you could play tug of war with each other as you squat! This is a great way to bond with your dog as you exercise, and the HIIT cardio will help you to lose weight while improving your overall heart health. This is perfect for anyone who wants to lose weight, as HIIT is one of the most effective forms of cardio.


Play soccer together

You may be surprised to find out that dogs love soccer… or maybe not! Herding breeds like Australian Shepherds especially love soccer as they enjoy kicking and dribbling the ball, and you can pick up bite resistant soccer balls from most pet stores. Soccer is also great exercise for you; a recent study found that recreational soccer players have lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and it could be just as good for your heart as running and Zumba.

Working out with your dog is a great way for you to get some exercise together, which is especially important if one of you is overweight. It also gives you both the chance to bond with each other, which will strengthen your relationship over time.


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