Joseph Schooling Discusses Recovery and Under Armour's New Sleepwear Range

When we talked about the importance of sleep and recovery a couple of months back, we also had a look at how technology’s been taking things to the next level. Under Armour’s new Recovery Sleepwear range in particular has been getting some great mentions (see here and here.)

Not the type to trust information from unknown sources? You’ll be glad to hear from this guy – we managed to catch up with Singapore’s only Olympic gold medallist Joseph Schooling, who shares some of his thoughts on the range and its benefits.


How many hours of sleep do you average every night?
Not enough – an average of 6/7 hours only, with more on weekends.


How important is sleep to your everyday training and have you been monitoring your sleeping pattern with fitness device or app?
Sleep is very important for recovery especially when we are loading and the training is very hard. SSI now has given me a sleep monitoring device since July 2017 that I am still getting used too.


Which Under Armour recovery sleepwear do you wear?
The ¾ sleeve Henley and long pants range.


How long have you had the Under Armour recovery sleepwear? Do you use it often?
I had the recovery sleepwear for about a year now. I only have one set, so I tend to save it for when I’ve gone through a hard session and need to recover in time for the next day.


What were your first impressions?
It looks just like a normal pair of pajamas. Tried it on and it was very soft and comfortable.


Are there noticeable differences in falling asleep faster, sleeping longer, and waking up fewer times in the middle of the night when wearing the Under Armour recovery sleepwear?
Yes, you do fall asleep faster as you are more relaxed and will get up less. I can’t tell so much for sleep length as I’m often woken up by the alarm clock to head out for practice.


Would you say the Under Armour recovery sleepwear is now part of your training, or recovery regime?
Yes, definitely. I use Under Armour recovery sleepwear as part of my recovery regime on certain days.


Now that you have tried the Under Armour recovery sleepwear, would you ever go back to regular sleepwear during training or competition season?
I do go back to regular sleepwear/normal recovery suits during training. I’d need a few more pairs of Under Armour pajamas in order to be using it regularly 😉


You can shop the full range here.


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