K-Pop Songs That'll Level Up Your Workout Playlist This 2017

Newsflash: we’re almost through with 2017! In fact, we’re left with just around a month’s time to make good on that new year’s resolution. You know the one. It’s some variation of ‘finally getting into shape and looking crazy hot this year.’

Whether you’re into pumping iron or grooving to Zumba, training for a big marathon or hitting it hard HIIT-style, K-pop’s got your back with a bunch of hot releases this year. Here are our top earworms to keep your playlist fresh and your heart rate up as we move into the new year.


1. BTS – MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)

Whoa, there’s a big-name collaboration. Trust BTS to deliver a solid remix on a hype anthem that pulls you through any hard workout with aggressive, intense beats.


2. Highlight – Plz Don’t Be Sad

Highlight delivers a smooth, upbeat track with a great tempo ideal for pounding it out on the track or treadmill.


3. BLACKPINK – As If It’s Your Last

BLACKPINK’s latest offering is a catchy, upbeat bop perfect for an energy boost. Put this one on to set the mood for a great warmup session.


4. K.A.R.D – Don’t Recall

Co-ed groups are rare in K-pop, but don’t let that deter you from this fantastic track. An interesting blend of house and reggae, a thumping beat makes this a choice accompaniment for a long run.


Retaining their signature hip-hop meets melodic pop sound, this track follows the tried and tested EXID formula with the addition of some great instrumentals. Take this one along if you’re looking for something with a great rhythm.

6. PSY – New Face

PSY brings us yet another viral dance hit that’ll almost make three minutes fly by like three seconds during the latest cardio craze.


7. TEEN TOP – Love Is

Powerful vocals with a pulsing, high-tempo beat. The perfect melodic track to push you through a sweaty, no-holds-barred cardio session.


8. Red Velvet – Red Flavour

Ridiculously bright and happy; pair this one with your workout of choice to infuse it with plenty of energy and good vibes.


9. LIVE – Know Me

Dynamic rapping blends seamlessly with smooth vocals to produce a dark, addictive sound. Great for those solo night runs where you contemplate the meaning of life and the universe.


10. B.A.P – Wake Me Up

B.A.P delivers an intense, edgy track with a thumping bass and emotional falsetto. Stick this in your playlist rotation for the energy boost you’ll need to power through those last few reps.


11. BTS – Not Today

You can’t not feature BTS twice when their songs are this good. Aggressive and powerful, this one’s a power anthem to keep you going when every muscle’s a beat away from giving up.


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