4 Reasons Why You Feel Unnaturally Tired During Your Workout

Article contributed by: Jennifer Dawson. Photo by Victor Freitas on Unsplash.

Just 20 minutes of exercise beats stress and make you feel energetic. But what happens when a lack of energy strikes during your workout? You’re half an hour into your running or gym session when you suddenly feel exhausted. Even though remembering motivational fitness quotes usually helps, your body’s battling to continue today. What gives? Hitting an energy slump in the middle of a workout is frustrating but can be prevented in future. Here are common mistakes you might be making that can cause mid-workout fatigue.


1. You’re pushing too hard

If you’ve been committing to an intense fitness schedule all week or longer, it’s no surprise that you feel like falling over during your workout. You need to get enough recovery time, which should include at least one day a week of no exercise. Aim for two if you work out hard every day. In addition, an important part of your recovery should be to get enough quality sleep. An alarming study found that four out of 10 Singaporeans sleep for less than seven hours on weeknights. A lack of sleep can make you battle to stay awake and do regular things during the day, so it’s likely to make it hard for you to finish your HIIT workout.


2. You’re not eating afterwards

When you leave the gym, don’t forget to grab a snack! Eating a light meal that contains a blend of carbs and protein about an hour or so after exercise will help to keep your energy levels up while repairing your muscles. A great carb-protein meal after a workout is white rice with some beans. This is also a great vegan or vegetarian option. It’s a common diet myth to think you can’t get enough protein without meat in your diet, but there are other excellent protein sources besides for beans, such as seeds and nuts.


3. You’re not changing your workout

Sticking to the same old workout routine can make you feel bored, which leads to mental tiredness. By adding some variety to your exercise schedule, such as by trying a different class at the gym or taking your running off the track and into the city, you’ll feel mentally revived and eager to continue your workout. Having a friend along for the run or bike ride can also help to ease mental fatigue. An idea is to use MeetUp.com, where you’ll find people who are just as passionate about you when it comes to working out.


4. You have a medical condition

Some common health conditions can cause you to lose energy during exercise.These include asthma, thyroid problems, anemia, depression, as well as allergies. Research published in The Straits Times has found that one in three Singaporeans experience nasal allergy symptoms. If you regularly find that you’re following all the above tips and you still can’t seem to get enough energy to complete your workout, consult with your doctor. If you do have a medical condition, getting on the right medication can help you head back to the gym in no time.

Even if you love working out, sometimes it feels impossible to finish your exercise session due to fatigue. But there are ways to boost your energy levels. These include eating the right food after workouts, giving yourself enough recovery time between workouts, adding variety to your exercise plan, and consulting with your doctor if you have an underlying medical condition that’s causing you to slump.


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