Sportswear Is Meeting Technology And It's Blowing Everyone’s Mind

With technology becoming increasingly ubiquitous in everyday life, it’s no wonder that science is being introduced to the realm of sportswear. From upgraded designs to futuristic bio-skins, here are a few picks that are likely to blow your mind.


The Fashionably Functional

Sportswear Is Meeting Technology And It's Blowing Everyone’s Mind

Image Credit: Newline

Newline: BLACK Windshield Jacket

This sleek jacket by Danish brand Newline somehow both keeps you warm when it’s cold out, and cold when it’s warm out. All while fitting perfectly into a small compression pocket!

A test winner in Aktiv Træning, Newline’s latest design upgrades the regular windshield jacket with mesh lining and ventilation punched fabric. Repel the harshest of wind and maximise airflow while channelling excess body heat away with the BLACK.

Shop Newline’s jacket for S$119.  (SG and MY)


The Workout Maximiser

Sportswear Is Meeting Technology And It's Blowing Everyone’s Mind

Image Credit: ANTELOPE

ANTELOPE Sportswear: Muscle Activating Smartsuit

Kickstarted in 2015 for a whopping $1,492,062 USD in funding, the ANTELOPE smartsuit brands itself as the first smart sportswear that increases the efficiency of your workouts.

ANTELOPE uses electrical impulses to safely target and engage your muscles. Choose and target choice areas of your body to improve performance, from strength to coordination and endurance. The smartsuit claims to increase your performance up to 30%, jumping ability up to 20% and muscle volume up to 10% in 4 weeks. Bless the power of science.

Shop ANTELOPE’s smartsuit for ~S$337 and up.


The Smart Shirt

Sportswear Is Meeting Technology And Things Are Getting Super Cool

Image credit: Hexoskin

Hexoskin: Wearable body metrics

A Montréal-based company sought to keep track of and utilise biometric data in meaningful ways. Going further with body sensors, they’ve put them into their Hexoskin smart shirts to help you do that through comfortable clothing than strange stick-on sensors. The shirts are comfortable and completely machine washable – just like ordinary clothing – making them perfect for workouts!

The smart shirt captures information such as your heart rate and its variability, breathing rate and volume, physical activity data including your intensity level and steps taken, and more. All the data is transmitted to the companion app for your ease in tracking and making use of what your body is telling (or not) you.

Shop Hexoskin’s products starting from ~S$231 and up.

The How-Is-This-Even-Possible


Sportswear Is Meeting Technology And It's Blowing Everyone’s Mind

Image Credit: bioLogic

New Balance: bioLogic

bioLogic is partnering with New Balance to use Nattō in sportswear: yes, that Japanese dish made of fermented soybeans. As these “natto cells” react to humidity and heat to expand and contract, the collaboration has resulted in a next-level synthetic bio-skin called Second Skin.

Second Skin is fully responsive to your body condition, becoming increasingly breathable as your workout progresses and your skin heats up. The result: sweat naturally evaporates and cools the body through an “organic material flux”.

Second Skin isn’t on the market yet, but find out more here.


The Friend for Feet

Sportswear Is Meeting Technology And Things Are Getting Super Cool

Image credit: Sensoria

Sensoria: Running System

If you’re looking for something smaller than a shirt, Sensoria’s got you covered. Their socks, made of high-tech running fibre, come with textile sensors woven into them, and an electronic anklet that magnetically attaches itself to the cuff. The pressure sensors measure the work your foot is doing for the anklet to interpret, providing with data about (but not limited to) your steps, speed, distance, calories burnt, how your feet land, and so on.

Giving you a closer, more specific look how your legs and feet factor into your running form, the Sensoria socks aim to help you identify and guide you away from bad running habits. Pairing them with the mobile app gives you a real-time coach via audio cues as you run.

Shop Sensoria socks from ~$273, and more of their smart products.


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