What To Order At Starbucks If You're Watching Your Weight

Starbucks has been really generous with their 1-for-1 deals of late. Fantastic news, right? Right…up till the point your waistline starts to suffer. But don’t store those skinny jeans away just yet. Give your favourite coffee order a chance with these three diet-friendly twists!


1. Cold Brew

An iced coffee lover needing a slightly sweeter flavour? Order yourself a cold brew and save yourself the calories. Steeped for over 10 hours, cold brew is naturally richer, smoother and less bitter on the tongue.

It’s also generally more caffeinated than hot-brewed coffee, making it even more effective as a morning perk-up. Starbucks’ particular blend incorporates African and Latin American coffees. It also packs under 10 calories per Tall order!

Diet-Friendly Coffee Options: Starbucks Cold Brew

Image Credit: Starbucks SG 


 2. Matcha latte – no syrup, swap to almond milk

For those of us desperately in need of our daily dose of matcha, here’s your godsend: a diet-friendly version.

Opt out of the included syrup that jacks up the drink’s calorie count. Instead, switch to almond milk, which acts as a replacement sweetener. Sit back, sip your drink and savour the slow, steady caffeine hit – relatively guilt-free.

Diet-Friendly Coffee Options: Starbucks Matcha Latte - almond milk, no syrup

Image Credit: Starbucks SG


3. Skinny latte, any flavour

Ordering anything ‘skinny’ at Starbucks gets your drink made with sugar-free syrup, nonfat milk and no whipped cream. What this means? You instantly cut anywhere from 50 to 110 calories off your beverage, all while keeping your taste buds satisfied with a moderately sweet pick-me-up.

Diet-Friendly Coffee Options: Starbucks Skinny Latte

Image Credit: Starbucks SG 


Looking for a more specific calorie count of your favourite Starbucks drink? Head over to myfitnesspal for comprehensive coverage.


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